Love is in the air!

  Love is in the air!   Love is in the air this February as we quickly approach Valentine’s Day. Do you feel it? Good! We do too, and as a token of appreciation, we want to help you show […]

Finding the right flooring contractor

Finding the right flooring contractor   When you are planning to install new hardwood floors in your home or refinish your existing hardwood floors, one of the most important decisions you have to make is hiring the right flooring contractor […]

Celebrating the Christmas season

Celebrating the Christmas season       People are wandering from retail store to retail store, searching for the best option to look into hardwood flooring installation and refinishing. With the Christmas season coming up, many plan to renovate and refurnish their home […]

Christmas tree and wooden floors

       Christmas tree and wooden floors        What do you suggest I put under my Christmas tree to protect my brand new hardwood floors? We hear this question repeated every year during holidays and feel your concern. It doesn’t feel […]

What Are The Advantages Of Hardwood Flooring?

What Are The Advantages Of Hardwood Flooring? Маnу people nowadays аrе opting fоr hardwood flooring іnstеаd оf relying оn tile flooring оr оthеr conventional flooring types. Іn thіs article, wе will bе discussing аbоut thе reasons bеhіnd suсh high popularity […]


ALEXANDRU HARDWOOD FLOORING August 13, 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ALEXANDRU HARDWOOD FLOORING Receives Best of Business Award PHOENIX, 08-12-2015, Alex Alexandru of ALEXANDRU HARDWOOD FLOORING has been selected for the Best of Business Award by the Small Business Community. About […]

How long should I acclimatize my new hardwood before I install it?

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Celebrate dads– $50 off- for any job with us for a limited time

For many of us, our fathers are our heroes. We appreciate them for their love and guidance. A good father can set an example of strength, honor, sacrifice, and responsibility. On Father’s Day, we honor dads for their love and the […]

Flooring Contractors Chicago

Flooring Contractors Chicago offer installation on all types of hardwood floors,refinishing all solid hardwood floors using all types of finishes and stains,repairs on all hardwood flooring,buffing hardwood floors,cleaning hardwood floors,waxing hardwood floors. Alexandru Hardwood Flooring and Floors Chicago are the best Flooring […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Give your sweetheart something special for Valentine’s Day. Use our coupon of 15% off any job during february. “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”