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Green Living Lifestyle
Green Living

You can now choose a Green Living Life Style by choosing new hardwood floors for your home.
We  offer eco-friendly,environmentally responsible and Greenguard-certified finishes when
you refinish your old hardwood floor.
Earth Friendly Products are also some of your choices  when you call us for cleaning services.
If you think of going green you can choose a Green Living Lifestyle by choosing
Hardwood Flooring in Chicago.

Maintaining your hardwood flooring requires love and care.
Over time, wood shows signs of age if it’s not properly looked
after or exposed to dirt and germs or even harsh chemicals.
It is important to take the time to maintain your hardwood
floor, using the right kind of cleaning products.
We recommend Bona Hardwood Flooring Cleaning Solution
for a regular cleaning and we offer our cleaning, buffing and
recoating services at very affordable prices.

Maintaining the right temperature and humidity in your home is
very important and can have a significant impact on the
condition and longevity of your
hardwood floors. Extreme
changes as many variations in temperature and humidity can
cause wood to expand and contract, resulting in an expansion
of up to a few inches or big gaps between boards.