Pro and con for applying wood filler on old hardwood floors

fillerIs it a good idea to apply wood filler on moving old hardwood floors?

-It all depends on how big the gaps are. Sometimes people do not realize that wood expands and contracts. Now if this is not the case in order to make wood filler effective you must refinish the floor.

-It will be good for a while, but eventually, with the expansion and contraction of the boards, it will work its way out of the gaps.

-It is a standard practice to fill voids and cracks on solid hardwood floors when refinishing them. You can opt not to but it looks a lot better when you use the wood filler.

– It’s it’ very small hole (like less then 1/8″ or less) you can get do a successful job of it. Anything larger or trying to apply wood filler on the joints or seams is a very bad idea. Your wood floors move during the season beside walking on them that causes movement.


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