Prefinish wood floors vs Unfinish wood floors

With not a clear cut answer to engineered vs solid wood debate , they each have pros and cons:

– Solid hardwood make for a great option over plywood and  a well made solid hardwood will last almost “forever”.solid

-Engineered wood floors give you a finished floor sooner, but generally cannot be refinished and there may be a slight bevel where the boards join making it more difficult to clean.

-Real hardwood floors are considered permanent and can be refinished as needed, but the installation and finishing takes days.

-Engineered wood can be installed over concrete , glue down and can be used for floating installation,making that a great option for condos,offices…

-With prefinished wood once you lay the floor it is finished but with unfinished wood the floor has to be stained and finished that is much more time consuming and expensive not to mention the smell and potential inconvenience of staying out of your home for a day or more until the smell diminishes.engineered

Having floors done is a big investment  so do your research before choosing the right option for you.

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