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If you’re planning to remodel your home, you want to update the look, increase resale value or add functionality, you will need to take care of your hardwood floors. If you do not already have “those treasures” hidden under the carpet, install new hardwood floors. If you are lucky and you have hardwood floors under your carpet, then a simple and not so expensive solution may be sanding your old floors using our services.With us on your side, you cannot  encounter any surprises which we will not be able to help.Craftsmanship of our workers is well recognized by community and in our almost 20 years of experience we resolved all types of “problems”. (missing or broken boards under your carpet,bad repairs by others in past ,etc…). We are ready to help. We are only a call away.     773 416 0646

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repairing hardwood floors

installing hardwood floors

refinishing hardwood flooring in a recommended manner-diagonal first by alexandru hardwood flooring

stairs by alexandru hardwood flooring

finish stairs with Brazilian cherry border


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