Repairing solid hardwood floors

Repairing solid hardwood floors, stained and finished


Repairing solid hardwood floors is a difficult task, especially if the wood is already stained and finished.

If you do not want to refinish all connected hardwood floors after replacing your damaged boards, then you can do a sanding of that specific replaced area but the results are not going to be perfect.


One thing you have to have in mind when you do this is that stains are very difficult to match if you do not know what type of stain and color was used previously in refinishing your floors.

Even when you know the exact stain color and type, because wood changes color in time, you have to expect a less than perfect match (this is a “touch up” job).


Before starting anything, you can have some samples of stain applied in a hidden area such as a closet if that is possible and carefully choose the stain you will use to finish your job.


After you know what stain you will use, carefully replace the damaged area and then you will need to sand that area and try not to sand too much around replaced boards. You have to “blend in” that sanded area and smooth the transition by hand sanding edges with a fine sanding paper.



Apply the stain you previously chose and one coat of finish (about 30 min after stain).

When the first coat is dry, buff that area, vacuum, and apply the final coat.


Allow 24 hours before walking again on the repaired area.


Sometimes applying a darker color on the newly repaired area is better than a lighter color, especially on stained hardwood floors which in time are going to go lighter.

Contrarily if you repair naturally colored hardwood floors, the repaired area is “OK” to be a little bit lighter, especially if you use polyurethane finish which in time is going to “turn in yellow” your hardwood floors.

Of course if the match is perfect, then you will not need to use the “arguments” I just mentioned before. 🙂


If you have problems with your hardwood floors and any repairs are needed, don’t let a few hours and a few hundred bucks stay in the way of your happiness!

We are here to help you and we can restore the loving relationship you had with your hardwood floors for so long!








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