Christmas tree and wooden floors

       Christmas tree and wooden floors

       What do you suggest I put under my Christmas tree to protect my brand new hardwood floors? We hear this question repeated every year during holidays and feel your concern.

It doesn’t feel like Christmas without baking cookies, holiday songs and of course, the look and smell of a real live Christmas tree.brad

      Using a fresh cut tree can be more mesmerizing than using a fake one. It can fill your home with beauty and breathtaking aroma. But if you are placing it on a wooden floor, it may leave scratches and tree stains, hence affecting your wooden floor. If you want a fresh cut tree on Christmas along with an unharmed floor after the Christmas, you have to follow some of these precautions. Here are some simple and useful tips for you.

Use a protective covering on the floor where you want to place the Christmas tree to avoid scratches on the wooden floor. You can also use rugs and carpets on the floor. Later on you can cover up those hardwood floor protecting blankets and carpets with a nice tree skirt. Shake your tree before you install it so that all the dead needles on it are removed. After removing all the dead needles, you should carefully put it into the stand so that it may not harm your wooden floor. Once you have your tree in its base, carefully use a pitcher to fill the base with water.

Now you can have real fun with a real fresh cut tree this Christmas without worrying about tough stains and scratches on your wooden floor.

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